jordyns_dcau (jordyns_dcau) wrote,

Blast from the Past (mini commentary!)

So I watched Blast from the Past last night after we had the whole "propagating the species" thing. It's mentioned a couple times. At one point Lois asks Mala if she and Superman are going to have like...a million Kryptonian babies.


But Superman's like: What? I'm gay. I mean-in love with Lois, and the reason I never do a damn thing about it certainly isn't because I am actually in love with Batman.

Then later Superman says something about how it's good he's the only Kryptonian there because hey, on Earth they would all get superpowers and probably go crazy and try to kill everyone, I guess. Gosh Superman, good excuse to not have sex with women. Well played, old chum.

But my favourite part of the episode?

The Phantom Zone projector.

The projector has three knobs, let's call them A, B, and C. Through this helpful guide, I'll explain to you how to use them.

Knob A: Places people in or out of the Phantom Zone.
Knob B: Places people in or out of the Phantom Zone.
Knob C: Places people in or out of the Phantom Zone.

Protip: Sometimes you can also push the knobs like buttons.

This is important to remember when you're just carelessly doing whatever the hell you want with it.

The project also has a viewfinder so that you can watch people float around in the Phantom Zone like some kind of creepy voyeur.

Oh yeah baby, it's hot when you float like that.
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